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A need came about for a page that could execute commands to retrieve details for: host, ping, traceroute, WHOIS and GeoIP data from one page.

We have written a PHP script to do just that. It is designed to run specifically on Linux and you will encounter errors on Windows, it can be tweaked to run on Windows.


For this to run properly you will need:

  • Linux based web server with PHP
  • GeoIP PHP module for GeoIP lookups
  • Firewall allowing the following ports outbound: 53 (DNS lookups), 43 (WHOIS), ICMP (Ping & tracert)

You will also need the relevant system commands installed (most likely installed by default on your Linux OS):

  • host
  • ping
  • traceroute
  • whois
  • grep

It is all contained within 1 PHP page, but can be separated out with little tweaking. We are releasing this as open source and you can tweak it and modify it anyway you want to fit it into your sites theme.


To see it in action, head on over to lg.theatticnetwork.net


To get the script, click here!

Archived versions:

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  1. We also understand the imroptant of ping and traceroute features to validate a website, domain or webserver. Therefore, we had made a step further to develop an online ping and traceroute system allowing user to freely select the origin country that they want the ping/traceroute to be carried out.

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